Capital City Barbell offers professional coaching through small group fitness classes and personal training options focused on evidence-based practices and grounded in the fundamental principles of exercise science. We offer a positive training enivronment and supportive community dedicated to helping you achieve maximal, sustainable results.


These small group fitness classes incorporate a balance of weightlifting, bodybuilding, cardio and interval training —all in a group setting. With your health in mind, we work to build strength, address imbalances, improve body composition and cardiovascular endurance.


Our weightlifting program offers dedicated coaching and programming to people interested in competing in the sport of weightlifting or simply improving their snatch and clean & jerk.

Programs are tailored to meet individual needs, whether they be technique, strength, muscular imbalances, or all of the above.


Contact us for special family plans or couples rates.

2x /WEEK

Want to workout, but can’t make time everyday?
Come in just twice per week to any group classes.



Looking to maximize your fitenss?
Unlimited access to all group classes.


Not ready to commit quite yet? We offer a FREE WEEK trial so you can get a chance to check out the gym, get to know us, and make sure we’re the right fit for you. Click the button below to start your trial.


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